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    Earth Anchor

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    DMAC Earth Anchors are designed for maximum holding power with a top bolt that allows you to fasten anything

    securely into the ground.

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    Product Description

    Use DMAC Anchors instead. DMAC Anchors have 500 pounds of holding

    force when installed into clay soil. Drive the DMAC Anchor into the ground using a standard 15/16″ socket wrench. And in

    seconds you have a solid anchor point to affix your fence post, mailbox, cantilever umbrella, or car port.

    The DMAC Earth Anchor patented design allows the anchor to be driven into the ground using standard socket

    wrench or an impact wrench or a high torque drill. The DMAC Anchor is 12 inches in length and provides a tested holding force

    of 500 pounds in clay soil. The DMAC Earth Anchors can be used to secure anything including our own basketball goals.

    Here’s an example of how the DMAC Anchor is used to secure a giant 10 foot diameter umbrella.

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