Earth Anchor / Ground Anchor Types

HD420 Side view
November 15, 2018

There are generally 3 types of shaft design.

Ground anchor with a loop at the top and auger disk at the bottom. These anchors are very hard to drive into the ground since they have only have the hook loop at the top. The only thing you can use to drive them in is a steel bar or steel pipe. Dog tie type anchor has the least pull out resistance. It’s spiral shape looks like a spring with a triangle at the top. Screw type ground anchor looks like a giant screw. The problem with this type of anchor is the screw diameter at the bottom is very small and the screw diameter at the top is large. What’s the problem with this? The deepest part of the anchor has the smallest diameter screw which means the holding strength in the ground is only as strong as the deepest thread which is very small.



The DMAC anchor provides a hex head drive shaft that is easily driven into the ground with an impact wrench. The DMAC Anchor puts a large diameter (4″) helical disk at the bottom of the anchor in the deepest part of the soil where it has the strongest holding force.

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